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interCAD® Reader

  • interCAD Reader is free software that can read and print files in Gerber, ODB++ file and IXD format.
  • With interCAD Reader, you can verify, sign, collaborate, and add comments on data from Gerber, ODB++ and IXD files.
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  • Date: Jun 14, 2024 Size: 16.9Mbyte
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License Policy

  • interCAD Reader can be used for free by any company or individual, regardless of country, target audience, or version.

Key Features

  • Operating System
  • interCAD Reader supports various OS. It can run on Windows 7, 8 as well as 10.
  • Gerber Viewer
  • 274X Gerber data in the file format used in creating PCB can be checked.
  • ODB++ Viewer
  • Along with Geber data, you can check the ODB++ data that is used universally in PCB construction.
  • IXD Viewer
  • Various EDA design drawings can be checked using IXD data that is created through interCAD Editor.
  • Powerful and fast EDA dedicated graphic viewer
  • Easy/convenient layer setting through Quick Menu
  • Part/Net Search
  • Part/Net selection and information check
  • Convenience
  • It provides an easy user-friendly environment for current users of EDA software. It has a reflecting experience with the following tools:
  • Same mouse setup as existing EDA software
  • GUI design
  • Easy/convenient functions that do not require manuals
  • Design review
  • EDA design document changes and design reviews can be recorded and shared with others.
  • Edit
  • Component placement and Routing
  • Insert text
  • Insert shape
  • Copy image clipboard
  • Measure
  • Distance measurement
  • Dimensioning the drawing
  • Routing Net measurement
  • Cross probing between Schematic/PCB Layout
  • Information output
  • Part list output
  • Coordinate data output

About IXD

  • IXD?
  • IXD was developed to do the following:
  • connect people and data
  • view design documents created in any EDA software
  • provide the applications you need to view and print documents from anywhere
  • Based on this background, interCAD IXD can be safely provided and shared by combining Schematic, Layout, ODB++, and Gerber documents, regardless of EDA software.
  • interCAD IXD keeps the original
  • interCAD IXD keeps all data from the original design, even if Schematic, Layout, ODB++, Gerber, etc. are combined into one file.
  • Create IXD with interCAD Editor
  • IXD can be created using various EDA data through interCAD Editor.
  • By sharing IXD, anyone can easily access EDA design contents.
  • interCAD IXD with thorough security
  • When distributing EDA design documents, it is crucial to protect the files. Users can password-protect IXD files to prevent copyright issues. Also, you can delete sensitive design information with distribution tools and protect distributed documents with date restrictions.
  • interCAD Editor
  • interCAD Editor is not just an EDA viewer. It is a complete EDA solution for creating and editing IXD files, converting IXD files to other EDA formats, and comparing data.
  • Sample IXD file
  • You need to install interCAD Reader to open IXD sample file.
  • Learn More About interCAD® Reader
  • [Overview] Free Gerber, ODB++, IXD Viewer

    [Overview] Free Gerber, ODB++ IXD Viewer

    interCAD Reader is a Free software created and distributed to support reading and printing Gerber files and files in IXD format. View, sign, collaborate and annotate Gerber and IXD data with the free interCAD Reader.
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