Interxsoft can provide the customized EDA programs and solutions that best meet customers' needs.
Key Technology
Interxsoft has technology of both Graphic Engine development skills and EDA standard data format handling skills which are required to develop EDA program.
  • EDA Graphic Engine EDA Data Handling
    • Schematic Viewer
    • Layout Viewer
    • EDIF
    • Gerber
    • ODB++
    • GDS
  • Development Platform Development Software
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • Unix
    • C, C++
    • MFC
    • QT
    • Tcl/Tk
Specialized Technology
Interxsoft has various EDA tools, customized programs,
and special technologies of development skills via supported languages from EDA tools.
  • EDA Vendor Product Development Language
    • BSXE
    • PADS
    • Xpedition
    • AMPLE
    • Visual C
    • VB Script
    • Allegro
    • Concept HDL
    • ADW
    • OrCAD
    • Virtuoso
    • SKILL
    • Tcl/Tk
    • C
    • SIwave
    • Maxwell
    • QT
    • VB Script
    • Workgroup
    • Visual C
    • VB Script
    • Design Sync
    • SKILL
    • QT
    • CST
    • Visual C
    • VB Script
  • Technology
    • Plug-In Function
    • Graphic Engine
    • Design Automation
    • Design Rule Check
    • ECAD Interface (PLM)
    • OLE 및 API Handling
    • DBMS(Oracle, SQL, Access)
Business Certificate and Intellectual Property Right
Interxsoft tries to secure business certificate and intellectual property rights.
Register Contents Registration Number Competent Authorities
Patent Tools and methods of creating review file for a single executable drawing plan 10-2015-0113213 Patent Office
Trademark interCAD Trademark Registration No. 41-0211124 Patent Office
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Patent Registration E-CAD Library Management Methods via the Internet No. 10-0613559 Patent Office
Company Certification Venture Corporation Certification No.20120105685 Technology Finance Corporation
Company Certification Research Institute Approved No.2012112006 Industrial Technology Association
Copyright Registration interCAD® COWORK Program No.C2012009687 Korea Copyright Association
Copyright Registration interCAD® PROBE Program No.C2012009688 Korea Copyright Association
Copyright Registration interCAD® UNION Program No.C2012009686 Korea Copyright Association
Copyright Registration interCAD® WIZARD Program No.C2012009689 Korea Copyright Association
interCAD® Registation

interCAD® Registation account can be created only to customers who purchased the interxsoft product,
If there is no product purchase history of interxsoft it will reject the account registration.