About Us

EDA Software Development Company
Interxsoft is an EDA Software Development Company founded in 2008 and lead not only the innovative EDA design automation products and services but also EDA tool platform business which can enhance the value of life with customers.
Company that grows with customers by providing the best products and services based on new experiences and innovation.
World's leading development company of design automation and interface platform which can interwork with EDA products.
Product Development Philosophy


  • Those who have not cracked a walnut can not develop a great nutcracker.
  • Interxsoft development engineers, consisting of experts from EDA design/ verification/ analysis, are developing the products which can be easily used without the manual by reflecting the latest customers' experiences.

New Experience

  • Trying something unfamiliar out of the existing frame can provide a new experience.
  • Interxsoft is developing the products that offer new experiences and values which have not existed until now through perpetual challenges and various attempts.

Best products

  • The best product must be able to provide the value beyond the best and customers' expectations.
  • Interxsoft is developing the best products that go beyond the existing limits with enthusiastic working environment and constant innovation.
Interxsoft Culture
  • Interxsoft is providing an innovative EDA design automation products and services since all employees are free to exercise their creative performance under a horizontal culture, not a top-down organization culture.
interCAD® Registation

interCAD® Registation

interxsoft.com account can be created only to customers who purchased the interxsoft product,
If there is no product purchase history of interxsoft it will reject the account registration.