interCAD® Basic and Probe

OrCAD to PCB Layout Interface and Design Automation
  • interCAD® Basic and Probe
    OrCAD to PCB Layout Interface
    Design Automation
    Cross Probing

interCAD® Basic and Probe

  • interCAD Basic and Probe supports ECO(To-Layout), Cross-Probing, Forward/Back Annotation among heterogeneous tools.
  • Error-free design among heterogeneous tools is possible by verifying human-errors.
  • This is the software which can innovatively enhance the design speed
  • with automation functions which has not been provided from ECAD tools.
  • Experience the perfect heterogeneous layout interface using OrCAD circuit!
  • interCAD® Basic and Probe 설명이미지interCAD® Basic and Probe 설명이미지


  • Introduce
  • Using circuit reported by OrCAD Capture, this program allows you to create PCB Layout data easily and more accurately.
    It also provides DRC function that can check forward annotation, circuit netlist, and library mapping errors based on circuit standard.
  • You can select component/net/pin (cross-probing) from each different circuit and layout as if they are in one program.
    If design revision occurs, it can update the changed design information with saving information of on-going routing/placement.
  • interCAD Basic
  • interCAD Basic Pro
  • Forward Annotation
  • It allows you to create layout data and update them by using OrCAD circuit. Also, it provides PCB Library inputting function that can prevent human errors when you edit netlist directly.
  • Back Annotation
  • You can update the changed information such as layout's RefDes, PCB footprint, Component location, and RefDes location on OrCAD.
  • Basic Pro Option
  • It provides full functions of interCAD Basic and specialized automatic functions.
  • Excel Netlist to PADS Layout
  • You can create PADS layout data and update the changed information by using excel netlist data.
  • It provides DRC function checking errors from excel netlist data.
  • Easy and Fast Layout Footprint Setting
  • Footprints of the component used in OrCAD circuit can be directly selected in layout tool and matched easily and accurately.
  • Importing Existing Footprint Setting of Layout Data
  • Managing Footprint Setting Version
  • Managing Footprint Change History
  • DRC
  • It can verify design errors that might occur in the process of creating layout data by using OrCAD circuit.
  • Netlist Special Characters (blank) or Korean Usage
  • One Pin of OrCAD circuit
  • Managing Between Circuit's Symbol and PCB Library
  • Connecting Off page Net
  • Cross Probing
  • Two-way Cross-probing/Link are available between OrCAD Capture and PCB Layout.
  • interCAD Basic Lite
  • Try interCAD Basic Lite if you need only cross-probing function.
  • Interoperable EDA Tool
  • OrCAD Capture
  • PADS Layout
  • Board Station Layout
  • Xpedition Layout (Only Cross-Probing provided)


  • Introduce
  • Union can allow you to use EDA tools that are interfaced with innovative design automation, DRC functions, and reporting functions; those functions have not supported by existing PCB Design EDA tools. Especially, it provides plug-in formed menu and keyboard shortcuts on PADS Layout, Board Station, OrCAD Capture program without additional programs.
  • interCAD Basic
  • interCAD Basic Pro
  • Placement Block Copy
  • If there are a number of same blocks, you can place one block at first, and then you can get other blocks copied as you placed it at first.
  • Net Length Report
  • The length of chosen traces and routed nets between connected components can be reported.
    The length of nets source pin to load pin can be also reported in case of different parts in the net are connected.
  • Basic Pro Option
  • It provides full functions of interCAD Basic and specialized automatic functions.
  • Delete Antenna Via
  • You can delete the existing Antenna Via on the whole board after collective verification
  • Insert via Function on the Center of Trace Pattern
  • It can calculate the center location of trace pattern. Then it automatically finds the center spot and generates via on that location.
  • PADS Layout Automation Function
  • View One Floor
    Repeat Stretch
    Select Trace Junction
    Mouse Stroke Command
  • Board Station Automation Function
  • Trace Delay Tune
    Real Time Length Report
    Trace 45 Degree, Arc Collective Change
    Verifying RefDes Placement
    Automatic Gerber Data Generation
    Automatic Geometry Generation
  • interoperable EDA Tool
  • OrCAD Capture
    PADS Layout
    Board Station Layout
  • Trace Tune
  • It can tune the trace of the Net based on the length set by Hi-Speed Rule value.
  • Decal Generation and Component Placement Using Excel Coordinated Data
  • It can create the library and place components using excel coordinated data.
  • Automatic LGA PAD Placement
  • The program automatically calculates and places the nearest and easiest wiring order and location of the LGA PAD connected to the component.
  • Select Via/Component Connected to the Chosen Net
  • You can select via that is connected to the chosen net.
  • Learn More About interCAD® Basic
  • OrCAD and PADS ECO using interCAD CoWork

    OrCAD and PADS ECO using interCAD CoWork

    InterCAD CoWork makes it easy to ECO OrCAD and PADS. You can see the changes through the Session Log, and provide DRC function to check and fix errors.
  • Layout design and verification using Excel Netlist

    Layout design and verification using Excel Netlist

    You can create layout data or update change information using Excel Netlist data. It provides DRC function to check errors in Excel Netlist data.
  • Plug-in Automation

    Plug-in Automation

    Design speed can be dramatically improved by providing automation functions not supported by the PCB Tool. Advanced DRC / Dynamic Report function / Block batch copy function, etc. are provided.
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