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    ECAD Library Creator
    Logical Symbol

interCAD® EzLibrary

  • interCAD EzLibrary is the software which can automatically create ECAD library of relevant parts
  • by inputting information about forms of circuit components.
  • Also, it can create the standard library without both human errors and library development deviation among development engineers.
  • Create a standard ECAD library in an easy and fast way with amazing automation tools.
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Create Logical Symbol

  • Introduce
  • EzLibrary is a program creating the symbol data of ECAD circuit in an easy and fast way. Using an excel pin information received from the component suppliers, it can create the symbol of circuit matching the customers' standard. Also, it provides DRC function to verify errors.
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    • Main Function
    • Importing Excel Component Pin's no./name
    • Easy and Quick Typing Component Pin's no./ name
    • Providing Symbol Preview Screen
    • Automatic Standard Symbol Property Generation
    • Automatic Standard Logical Symbol
    • DRC Function
    • Pin no./name Error Verification
    • Symbol Redundancy Verification

Creating Footprint / Cell/ Decal

  • Introduce
  • It allows you to automatically create ECAD footprint by inputting an electronic component's size and form. Also, it can create the customer's standard footprint without both human errors and development deviation among library developers.
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    • Main Function
    • Providing UI for Intuitive Component's Information Input
    • Providing Footprint Preview Screen
    • Automatic Standard Footprint Property Generation
    • Automatic Standard Footprint Generation
    • Managing Database of Footprint's Standard
    • DRC Function
    • Verifying Pin/Pad Space
    • Verifying Errors of Size Information
    • Footprint Redundancy Verification

Customized Product

  • Software Designed to Meet Customer' Needs
  • Existing EDA products don't provide the customized function revisions and additional development even though function revisions and additional development for software usage are necessary since the standard and all using components by each customer are different in ECAD library case.
  • However, interCAD EzLibrary provides functions revisions and additional development needed customers' library standard either for free or at a cost.
  • Supportable EDA Tool
  • Allegro
  • Board Station
  • PADS
  • Xpedition
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  • Create Xpedition Cell

    Create Xpedition Cell

    It is a program that automatically generates the ECAD library of the corresponding part when you input the shape information of the circuit part. It is possible to create a standard library without deviation and human error in
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