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Subject interCAD® Basic Open Beta
Support Team 2008-04-02 10:59
interCAD® Basic Open Beta
Support Team
2008-04-02 10:59
interCAD announce that interCAD® Basic beta version was launched.

interCAD® Basic is an integrated package containing the union/cowork/wizard program.
Incorporates the superior capabilities of existing cad tools into the  tools that customers use. So the stroke function of union allows mentor users to use PADS Layout or OrCAD Capture without inconvenience.

Products that can be PCB Layout using OrCAD Capture. Offer net list import and ECO/Build features, and accurately reflect OrCAD schematic into layout.

This is product can Mentor s schematic symbol, Geometry automatic production and conversion to other CAD program s library.

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Apr. 02, 2008

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